Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Radioed Trousered Philanthropists

One for the diary.

Christ, I haven't been this excited about a radio show since Mike Read played 'Go Wild In The Country' one school morning way back in 1982.

I guess I can sort of see Andrew Lincoln playing Owen.( Jack Shepherd must be too old or dead for the gig.) Johnny Vegas as Easton? Does he do south coast accents? Timothy Spall, Paul Whitehouse, Phillip Jackson and Shirley Henderson in the same cast? Next time they perform together will be at Mike Leigh's funeral. Never heard of the actor Tom Goodman-Hill, but I guess it's apt that someone with a double-barrel name should play Barrington.

But John Prescott as 'The Policeman'? Are you 'effing kidding me? I guess Andrew Lynch - who adapted the novel for the radio - didn't have a speaking part for Sir Graball D'Encloseland in his radio adaptation.

hat tip to Danny L for the heads up.


Will said...

Seen Vegas on the telly the other week talking about this.

The One Show - presented by ASdrian Childs and a VERY SMART lass from Ireland whose name escapes me for now.

Vegas was saying how Presser was great -- asked whether the copper had egg chucking duties or not.

PS. Vegas got accused of raping a lass onstage the other week. What happened to that story?

Oh -- I just looked. This is what is happening.

Darren said...

I've always though Prescott was a gobshite.

He's always annoyed me as an individual, coming across as yet another of those 'Fame Is A Spur' type Labour Party careerists who look around at their present days surroundings and think, 'Look, I'm doing well and think we're I came from' and then equate that to a general working class experience. Kinnock was another tosser who was prone to that sort of flannel.

I guess I'm also annoyed with him being in the cast 'cos it represents that bullshit bloc of Labour MPs who would always claim that RTP was their favourite novel/political work in those polls that members of parliament would partake in.

Tressell wasn't a Labourite. He was an SDFer and, if there is a heaven, he'll will be drowning his sorrows in the bar alongside Jesus, Marx and Orwell at the thought of all those 24 carat wankers trying to claim their legacy.

First I've read of the Vegas story. Don't know what to make of it, tbh.

Karl-Marx-Straße said...

The Vegas story: hm. I read both articles at the time and found both more than somewhat disturbing (along with the fact that he was the guest comedian at an event in a series called something like "The 10 Best Comedians in the World" - until I read that I would never have said a word against Stewart Lee, who organised it). There was (is?) a very active discussion on the night concerned at "Chortle" - put I presume Vegas' lawyers have had that taken down too.

Darren said...


Understandably I can't find Mary O'Hara's original article on the Guardian website but I did find part of her article reproduced here at Huffington Post.

Christ, if the actual event resemble in any way what happened then it sounds like a horrific experience. What the hell was the audience thinking?

I only know Vegas from his tv act, so I was surprised by the description of his act that night. I get that his humour can be cruel and humiliating but I thought that the cruelty and humiliation was always directed at himself.

I guess I'll need to keep an eye out to see what happens with this story.