Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Hour

I fear that next season it will be a case of Hull 0 London Clubs 4 every other week, but fair play to the Tigers for getting promoted to the top tier for the first time in their history. I just wish that Bristol City had gone up as well (at the expense of Stoke City).

Dean Windass's volley was a corker and I was pleased for him after reading this interview with him in today's Guardian. Dean Windass as Bernard Malamud's Roy Hobbs? Mmm, maybe not.

PS - loved this quip via Bristol Rovers fan, 'JTG', over at Urban 75:

"Harry Dolman, Fatty Wedlock, Jon Atyeo, Chris Garland, The Fucking Wurzels, Tony Robinson, John Cleese, Alan Dicks, Tom Ritchie, Steve Lansdown, Joe Jordan, Fact Hunt Johnson.....your boys took one Hull of a beating!"

That pun is nearly as bad as one of mine.

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