Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Temporary Autonomous Motherwell Fan Zone

I've been here before and it didn't work then, but one can blog and dream about these things.

Though they weren't out to do us any favours, it was a bit of a result Sunday when the High Bees took two points off of R*ngers. I still refuse to go Bhoy Doolally like Reidski ('cos, apart from anything else, I know Celtic are just as liable to phuk things up at their end), but the fact that Celtic are still in with a shout at this late stage of the season is one of life's more pleasant surprises.

Oh, for Motherwell to have this bloke in their starting line up. I'd even wear that T Shirt walking down madison if 'Well were to do a Hibs tonight.

One burning question about all things Motherwell, though? Did any decent bands ever come out of that fair town?


Reidski said...

I love the t-shirt.

Btw, they might have won, but didn't the huns look jaded? They simply cannot win all four remaining league games - it ain't going to happen. But, yes, we are likely to fuck things up ourselves, but, you never know ....

Stripey Baz said...

None that I can think of!

But The Soup Dragons, BMX Bandits and Teenage Fanclub were from the clearly superior Bellshill!

I say superior because Ally McCoist was born there ;]

Darren said...


Despite myself, I can't help but like Mr McCoist.

Yes, I'm seeing a therapist about it.

I love TFC, BMX have their moments but I could never get my head round The Soup Dragons. Not in their C86 nor their 'I'm Free' phase.

Great name for a band, mind.