Friday, May 02, 2008

Hungry in Midwood

Gourmet Peasant Maddy recounts her recent visit to the world famous Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn with Kara.

Yes, you really do have to wait two to three hours for your pizza but if it tastes half as good hot out the oven as it did when I ate the left overs the next day, then it's worth the wait.

And for those of you who click on the link and read the post, yes, Kara is pregnant. She's at the twenty weeks stage and we're both very happy.

I wasn't going to mention the matter on the blog until little Henry or Henrietta started community college.


gray said...

Henry/Henrietta? Community college???

You are unfit to be a daddy.

(Graham's a nice boy name, btw.)

Darren said...

Graham's my brother in law's name and we've decided no family names.

Which kind of sucks 'cos I've got a soft spot for McCorquoudale as a first name . . . if it's a boy.

gray said...

Awww, too bad. (My mom called me Graham because she liked Graham Hill, the F1 driver.)

McCorquodale ONeil. Bit of a mouthful. Or has Kara kept her maiden name and the bairnes will have her last name?

And you a seriously out of form! where is the hissing, spitting blood, etc at Rangers win. You must post (I also want to see Reidski's fury at "the cloven ones" final in the comments.

Darren said...


That would be McCorquodale Youngs-O'Neil, but it's not to be.

So, it'll have to be either Henry or Henrietta Youngs-O'Neil instead.

The footie? Things is, I was at the May Demo in Union Square yesterday and totally forgot about the footie. Didn't even cross my mind when I got back - I usually rush to check footie scores when I walk through the door - but it's only when I read JC's comment below that I finally twigged.

They'll probably win the quadruple now. There was an outside chance that if they had lost to Fiorentina, the wheels might have come off their already booked victory bus but I can't see that happening now.

timesnewroman said...

Many congrats!

voltaires said...

Just clicked the link. Congratulayshuns, old boy :-)

Alister said...