Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thatcher Faces Police Probe

Sadly, it's the wrong Thatcher, but some good may come from the investigation and the resultant story. Someone might actually get round to posting some decent sized jpegs of this famous incident involving Ben Thatcher and Nicky Summerbee from a few years back:

For those readers who feel I am condemning Thatcher prematurely before seeing the actual footage of the incident on tv, all I can say is that I couldn't help but notice that when I did an image search for Thatcher's 'tackle' on Summerbee on google, yahoo and jeeves about three quarters of the images that cropped up involved Thatcher raising his elbow whilst forlornly chasing after a pacy and skilful forward player. (It didn't matter if he was appearing in Wales, Wimbledon, Spurs or Man City colours, it appears to be a consistent footballing trait throughout his career).

Thatcher's best defence is that it was Summerbee's and Mendes's fault for letting him draw level with them..


Jools said...

Disgraceful, disgraceful tackle. Poor Mendes looked like he had been hit by a train. What made it worse was the look on Thatcher's face as he went in which said 'I'm gonna getcha and hard.' The 'tackle' is up on YouTube if you are fascinated by train wrecks.

Congratulations on the 50,000th visitor by the way. What percentage are from bonny Scotland? Here's to the next 50,000.

Darren said...

Hello Jools,

Can't find the tackle on YouTube yet, but I am familiar with that look from Thatcher that you describe: it's the expression he had in about eighty per cent of the pics I saw of him today.

Jools said...

Try I'm an ex-Millwall thug

I can't watch it any more without running to check in the mirror to see if I still have a jaw.

Reidski said...

Ah, here we go, it's all Millwall's fault. I wondered when someone would mention the Lions. Yawn ............

Jools said...

Sorry Reidski, I take it back.

we're definitely not thugs!