Monday, August 28, 2006

"Sweetshops Cookshops of the Future" - Karl Marx

A link to another post from Alan J. at Mailstrom that gives me the excuse to post a pic that has been knocking about the desktop for far too long.


ajohnstone said...

Also wish you many happy belated returns on your birthday . Not too sure whether Kara is right about you being an adult now , though . I believe you still have that childhood recurring dream of being drafted in from the crowd as a Celtic substitute in the last seconds of extra time during the Champions League cup-final to take the last chance penalty . In my recurring dream you miss it . ;-p

Darren said...

If Teddy Sheringham can still play for West Ham at the age of forty, I can still harbour that dream of mine that you uncannily recreated in your comment.

A couple of amendments, though:
1) It's a World Cup final - Scotland versus England.
2) It's not a last minute penalty, it's four goals in three minutes: a 20 yard header, a left-footed free kick from 25 yards, a right-footed half volley on the run from 35 yards, and a mazy dribble that starts on the edge of Scotland's penalty box, beating 16 players ( I beat a couple of England players more than once) and ends with me putting the ball through Jeremy Clarkson's legs before getting on my hands and knees on the goal line and heading the ball over the line.

That levels the game at 4-4 (did I mention that it was 4-0 to England when I came on?), and Scotland still loses the final after a Hearts player skies his penalty kick over the bar. Bastard.

Good luck with the blog, btw. ;-)