Friday, August 25, 2006

Jock Tamson's Tommy Sheridan's Bairns

The SW Platform believes that the 'Time to Go' demonstration at the Labour Party conference in Manchester on 23 September can provide a common focus for every section of the movement and a launching point for a new Scottish left that will be open, democratic, internationalist and committed to the building of a new and better world." - Socialist Worker Platform statement on why they are breaking from the Scottish Socialist Party.

Canny thinking from the Socialist Worker Platform. Think of all those copies of the Socialist Worker they can sell on the journey from Scotland to Manchester and back again.


voltaires_priest said...

Whereas the SPGB would never lower themselves to such grovelling depths as to sell their own publications, natch ;-)

Darren said...


I think you miss my joke/point. That's OK, it's 'cos you will insist on keeping bad company. ;-)

One of the fringe benefits for the CWI and SW platforms in Scotland now that they have served notice that they are withdrawing from the SSP is that they will now be able to sell their publications publically.

I bet you never got the Jock Tamson reference, either you fellow-travelling-trot-leftreformist-leninist-sassenach.

Hope you're well. ;-)

voltaires_priest said...

Yeah, not too bad, mate :-)

Been listening to Galloway in Lebanon - amazingly he actually managed not to be totally awful...