Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • The Good
  • Knowing the biscuit tin mentality of the Celtic board, I reckon they are expecting to claw the transfer money back from sales of replica shirts with his name on the back.

  • The Bad
  • The board will be loving it and no doubt, as I write, they are applying for planning permission to add an extension onto the biscuit tin, but Celtic drawing Man Utd, Benfica and FC Copenhagen in the Champions League leaves me with nothing but trepidation. United are absolutely flying at the moment and I know it seems like Celtic play them every year anyway, but friendlies, exhibition games and testimonials are hardly the real thing. Even before I saw the draw, I was surprised to read that FC Copenhagen had put out Ajax in the qualifying round. Does that mean Celtic will start out as the perceived weakest team in the group? Perhaps, with the draw being so seemingly difficult, fans expectations will be realistic to the point of pessimism, and Celtic can prove me - and everyone - wrong. I'm looking forward to them doing that.

  • The Ugly
  • Strachan signs another English Championship player in the form of Lee Naylor from Wolverhampton Wanderers. Sorry, as I've been none too impressed with Strachan's last visit to the bargain basement at Molineux, when I read about a player who has played over 300 games for his club, the first thing that sprang to my mind was not 'What a wonderful throwback to that era of loyal servants and the one club man' but more a case of 'How come no one else signed him before now?' Another case of me loving it if and when I'm proved wrong, and I'm forced to eat my words on the blog.


    Reidski said...

    Today was one of: "one great signing and one 'who'?" But you have to remember all those donkeys O'Neil signed who used to play for him at Leicester, wycombe and Shepshed Dynamos and they were not fucking good at all. Does the name Guppy mean anything to you? No, didn't think so! Anyway, it is onwards,upwards and forwards for the boys (I've always hated the "h" version of that word) as we are now going places with jan whathisname! This will be the season when Celtic win an away Champions league game - trust me, I'm an optimist!

    Darren said...

    You forget Reidski, Strachan has already signed his Steve Guppy: he's called Paul Telfer.

    I've had the good fortune to be able to watch the last couple of Scotsport, and Jarosik has been missing after starting so well against the Killies, and Miller looks like a good player until he is inside the opponents penalty box with the ball at his feet, and it is called upon him to take a shot a goal.

    Interesting that you say this will be the year Celtic will win an away game, but you neglect to mention what game they will win. ;-)

    Go on - make a guess.

    Reidski said...