Monday, August 28, 2006

Bad Jokes, an old link, repeating myself and that's what happened to Texan Bars

"A few weeks passed and hearing nothing back from him, I thought no more about the matter and got down to the serious business of contemplating those life inponderables that always keep me awake at night: What happened to Texan Bars? What . . . erm, that's it - it's a recurring thought of mine." - Existencilism

This post arrives simply as a result of me realising that the title of the last post, whilst trying to be clever-clever, is in fact embarrassingly piss-poor. Therefore, I thought I would scour out some confectionary websites for inspiration - I failed miserably - but I did stumble across the explanation for something that had kept me awake far too many nights (see above):

Launched in 1975.

Withdrawn in 1985.

Reason for its withdrawl (as given by Nestle) was the miners strike of 1984, apparently it was made in Halifax and the strike prevented lorries entering and leaving the plant.
[From Chocolate Review]

Did I need another bastard reason to hate Thatcher? I'll burst an ulcer before she bursts a bloodvessel.

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ajohnstone said...

Texan bars were recently brought back as a limited edition . The petrol station next to the pub i have bar-lunches sold them . Your nostalgic ones taste better in your memory than the real thing does now , or has the years changed my taste buds .