Sunday, December 14, 2008

He never stood a chance #2

If only the poor bastard had had a set of cheekbones. They would have been bigger than Joy Division. It would have been a case of Uwho?

Brilliant clip of The Sound from The Old Grey Whistle Test. Don't know the year, but the songs off their second album, 'From The Lions Mouth', that dates from 1981.

I still think that '81 was the best year for music . . .still think the late Adrian Borland is the spitting image of Christopher Hitchens.


Alister said...

Funny thing is they were fairly popular in Holland. I discovered them via a dutch pal. I have a soft spot for all those Joy Div influenced post-punk bands like Comsat Angels, March Violets and chameleons.

Darren said...

Yeah, I read that they were big in Holland.

Thing is, were they influenced by Joy Division? Borland's first band, The Outsiders, released their debut album in 76/77. The lyrical comment of that first album was very angsty even back then when he was a teenager.

Looking like 'the dude's' doppleganger must have really fucked him up.