Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rees's in Pieces

I laughed.


Reidski said...

So did I!

Kevin Williamson said...

Poor old Reesy.

When the revolutionary train pulls in at Paddington Station and the cheering masses await the words which will trigger insurrection across the land there will be no one on it. No Reesy to lead us to the promised land of paper sellers and donkey jackets. Just a strangled cry of "Et tu ... (fill in the blank).

So sad.

Darren said...


I know it's not your cup of tea but if you'd been following the latest dust-up within the leadership of the SWP, you'd discover that your old college oppo Martin Smith now appears to be the first amongst equals within the SWP leadership.

Seasoned SWP watchers reckons that Callinicos is pulling the strings of Mr Smith - or at least providing the intellectual cover - but nonetheless, I bet you're pleased as punch with someone sharing the same college scarf now in a position of such immense and prestigious power.


it's actually got to the stage now where I feel sorry for the bloke.

It's his whole life gone up in smoke and, what with him being the fall guy for the SWP leadership he was once a part of, he's in the process of becoming a political non-person.

I'll send him a Socialist Standard. That'll cheer him up.

Kevin Williamson said...

Unlike others on the left who try to be diplomatic about this sort of thing I prefer to book a ringside seat at the sporadic outbreaks of comradely hate and order up some popcorn. "Splittaaaah!"