Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Murder of the English Language in the Central Committee

With regards to that ongoing crisis within the leadership of the Socialist Workers Party. (IMHO, no, the SWP is not going to implode and it's not going to go away however much it's on my Amazon wishlist.)

There are thousands of comments littering the blogosphere over the documents issued by John, Portsmouth John whose ate too many slices of Papa Johns, Neil, Dozy, Mick and Tich and I've not mentioned a sniff of any of them on the blog. Well, I can hold back no longer.

Why has nobody addressed the real concrete question that is truly preoccupying the collective mind of the working class when it comes to matters relating to John Rees and his fight for the Cliffite soul of the Socialist Workers Party.

'Where is the John Rees YouTube Downfall video?'

Until that question is properly addressed, I'm tempted to do a Lenny and say sod all on the matter.

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gray said...

Yeah, a Rees "Downfall" would be good. I wish I had the video editing smarts as I would be sorely tempted to cobble one together!

I've looked at the clip and thought of some of the things I'd put in.

The start bit with the map and then nearly everyone being ordered out of the room: "We'll sell papers here and try contesting that seat"; I'll put that as a perspective after the slate is passed" "Comrade Rees...."; "You are not on the CC slate" (exeunt the swp comrades) "I knew it! I knew it! It's that fucking aristocrat Callinicos!!! Who let that cunt in the party in the first place!" etc, etc

And the girl crying in the corridor has got to be German.