Saturday, December 27, 2008

Auld Firm Sign Language

"Walter, your shower of journeymen were this close from finishing 2008 unbeaten at Ibrox."

I wasn't expecting that.


Reidski said...

crap game, but fantastic result. dontcha just love beating those bastards?

Darren said...

I actually stopped myself from going to see the game at the Jack Dempsey bar in Manhattan 'cos i thought we were going to get gubbed. I couldn't put myself through it.

I've seen seen the Sportscene highlights of the game, and it looked like a terrible game that was only enlivened by a classy goal from McDonald.

That could just be Sportscene, though. Their coverage of the SPL this season has been bloody awful. I get more excited refreshing BBC Football's videprinter page.

Going into 2009 with a 7 point lead and I'm still not convinced that Celtic will make it 4-in-a-row.

I wouldn't be surprised if Dundee Utd get a result Saturday. They play some neat football.