Friday, December 12, 2008

Latest anarcho-situationist spoof?

What, a new Aufheben on the horizon and there's not even a sniff of an Anarchist Bookfair about? *

Until I have the issue in my itchy hands and I'm stumbling and mumbling through the first bastard footnote will I then believe that it's for real, and not another one of those clever spoofs of newspapers and magazines that anarcho-situationists like to put out to confuse commuters going about their private daily business.

Accompanying pic spotted via the Aufheben MySpace page.

*Not strictly true. Los Angeles is holding its first anarchist bookfair at the weekend. I'd actually pay good money to attend that. I can't help but feel that it'll just be so much more glamorous than the Anarchist Bookfairs that I've attended in London and New York.

Brangelina sitting in with Posh and Becks as they turn rebellion into money on the AK Press stall. (Maybe selling some of those replica Crass T shirts they were seen sporting a few years back.) The Beverly Hills branch of the Anarchist Federation taking time out from distributing the Resistance newsletter on Rodeo Drive to sell back issues of Organise. Rod Stewart, Vinnie Jones and Robbie Williams selling the St Pauli gear at the back of the hall, whilst regaling the onlookers with tales from past Anarcho-Rehab Footie tournaments.

And the workshops? Can't forget the workshops (even if 9/10 of attendees at Anarchist Bookfairs always forget the workshops.) Bruce Willis showing a video from this year's Earth First camp in Oregon; Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton signing people up to LA newest rollergirl team, the Emma Goldmaniacs; and Spielberg giving a report back on the planned TinTin movie. Still going with Breaking Free, but he's now thinking of including TinTin and the Scum on the Director's Cut version of the DVD when it comes out February 2011.

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