Monday, December 15, 2008

We three tunes . . .

A cursory glance of the sitemeter tells me that Christmas is nearly upon us. I know this because people keep gatecrashing the blog in their search for this seasonal singalong.

I'd long since allowed the mp3 link to expire to that particular new wave classic, but in the spirit of giving I've reupped both that song and my other favourite tune for this coming period at this old link.

Please enjoy, but not just yet. I'm feeling giddy with goodness. It's like I've been bludgeoned over the head with a copy of 'It's A Wonderful Life' by Andy Williams, and in my current dazed state I'm also stuffing this new(ish) Christmas classic in your stocking:

  • Wild Billy Childish & Musicians Of The British Empire, The - 'Christmas 1979' mp3
  • I've posted the songs early enough to allow you to learn the words in time for Christmas Carolling around the family casio on Christmas Day. That special time that comes but once a year . . . just after you've belched the remnants of the Christmas dinner into the dining room air and just before Cousin Wayne falls out with Auntie Yvonne over who's controlling the remote control. this year.

    Before I go, the cut and pasted disclaimer:

    The Secret Melody of the Class Struggle's policy on the mp3s posted

    As well as the rants about politics and footie, I do from time to time post mp3s on the blog. These are for sampling purposes only, and are only up for a limited time. I hope that you like the songs as much as I do, and support the artists featured by buying their albums, DVDs and coffee table books.

    Any bands or artists featured who don't want their music to be associated with bad taste in politics and dodgy football shorts, please email me and I'll take the mp3s down pronto. No hard feelings at my end, and *cough* thank you for the music.

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