Friday, July 04, 2008

Yesterday Once More

The 5P music blog brings the blogosphere news of why July 3rd, 1982 was the most important day in the history of eighties:

  • Best album of the eighties reached its rightful place.
  • Best number one single of the eighties drove a welcome wedge between Stevie Wonder (with Macca) and Survivor stateside.
  • On the same day, a Norwich band by the name of The Happy Few did a Peel Session - which you can hear here - and I thought I was Eder* when kicking a ball six hours a day . . . and I probably needed my haircut.

    A day late but that don't matter: what the hell ever happens on July 4th anyway?


    *July 3rd 1982 was the day after Brazil had dismantled Argentina 3-1, to put the holders out of the World Cup. July 5th was still to come.


    Highlander said...

    'Lexicon Of Love': Best album of the 80's?!? Darren, have you lost the plot? Its good, its genre defining and all the rest of it but the best? I struggle with that.

    Anonymous said...

    Lexion of Love.... sublime. My sister bought it for me for my 13th birthday though being a listener of the heavy metal variety she said she felt very embarassed going into Woolies and buying it. Ah, suppose it just wasn't White Snake...or whatever she listened to.

    Oh, and Don't you Want Me. Takes me back to my first year at secondary skool... Ahhh the memories or should that be nightmares.

    Darren said...


    purely subjective choice but yes it is officially the best album of the eighties. Tell me your favourite album from the 80s so I can compare unfavourably to Martin Fry and co. ;-)


    Heavy metal? I spit on heavy metal. ;-) Never understood the attraction.

    Do you think David Blunkett held a civic reception in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire to mark this special day? Amazing, brilliant pop songs at the top of the charts and the words 'David Blunkett' and 'socialist' being used in the same sentence.

    I must still be dreaming. I'll wake up in a minute to zero comments. ;-)

    Highlander said...

    Its not as good as:

    Closer - Joy Division
    The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths
    Remain In Light - Talking Heads

    as a starter for three.

    (I would've picked Fear Of Music by Talking Heads but it was relead Aug 79 - bum).

    Darren said...


    I love 'The Queen Is Dead' but it's not even my favourite Smiths album. That honour goes to their debut album. (A controversial choice but I have my reasons.)

    Joy Division? I know Joy Division but I don't really know Joy Division, if that makes any sense. I'd have to sit down and have a listen the album to have a possible rethink but that would possibly lose sight of the fact that my thinking that ABC's Lexicon of Love is the best album of the eighties is as much tied up in time and pace as it is with the wonderful music and Martin Fry's poetry.

    However, to truly assess 'Closer', I wouldn't just need a copy of the album, I'd need a working time machine to allow me to listen to it in its proper context. As I said, my choice is purely subjective and a 100% correct. ;-)

    Talking Heads? I have issues with David Byrne. I have issues with people from Dumbarton FULL STOP.

    Kara said...

    So, yeah, you'll spit on at least one of these (though you might claim you'd spit on two or three and then I'll argue with you about what does and doesn't fit into the heavy metal genre), but if I'm being honest about my favorite albums from the 80s- and these are all full albums that I love, not just a song or two, then here's the list:

    Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
    Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking
    Metallica - Master of Puppets
    Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes
    Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation

    They're in the order of my favorites from the actual 80s. Sonic Youth would be higher now and Violent Femmes might be knocked out of the top five, but GN'R would still be number one. (Yes, I know you're cringing.)

    Darren said...

    Too busy being shocked to cringe properly.

    I would have guessed the Roses, the Youth and the Metallica, but Jane's Addiction and the Violent Femmes? Just glad The Walkmen weren't making albums in the 80s. ;-)

    Wait up. How comes there's only two Violent Femmes tunes of iTunes if you love them so much? That choice is a tad suspicious.

    Anyway, back to me and all things ABC. (I'm in snotty overdrive at this point.)

    Conclusive proof that the Lexicon of Love has always had a place in my blogging heart:

    - Probably just discovered how to upload pictures to the blog One of My Most Listened to Albums
    - Scroll down for the meat of the post. Apologies for blogging stream of consciousness Wearing An Anorak In This Weather?
    - Where would this blog be without lists? The Yorkshire Pudding Stole This Meme From Alkelda the Gleeful, I'm Stealing It Back

    Kara said...

    Jane's Addiction surprises you?

    Really? I thought you knew me.

    As for the Femmes, it was one of my favorites from the 80s, but it's not so much anymore. A bit too adolescent for me now. But, I'd listen to it over ABC any day.

    Darren said...

    "A bit too adolescent for me now. But, I'd listen to it over ABC any day."

    Yeah whatever. Talk to the hand. Talk to Marty's hand.