Sunday, July 27, 2008

Link Posted Out Of Necessity

Brilliant music blog find via the 5P blog, and it does exactly what it says on the tin lid:

"Dedicated to the songwriting of Paddy McAloon.
In this blog I have attempted to create an overview of Paddy's work outside of the currently available material of Prefab Sprout and also covers of his songs by other artists."
[From Tin Can Pot blog.]

Paddy McAloon has to be one of the best songwriters of the last 25 years. What happened to all those unreleased albums that he'd said he recorded years ago? Some of us are still waiting.

Posts/tracks that caught my eye in this dedicated blog include:

  • Radio Love - The B side to Prefab Sprout's 1983 single, 'Lions In My Own Garden(Exit Someone)'. Naturally enough, God is mentioned in the lyrics but what is surprising is that though it wouldn't have sounded out of place on the Sprout's debut album, Swoon, the song comes across as much more polished than any track from that particular album. Why was it hidden away as a b side?
  • Kylie Minogue's cover version of 'If You Don't Love Me'. Though I still prefer the original - I think it's one of Prefab Sprout's most underrated songs - I still have a lot of time for this cover version. Sounds brilliant just stripped down to piano and vocals. Just a shame that, just like Kylie, it's too short.
  • 'Rebel Land' from a 1985 John Peel session. Prefab Sprout did a Peel Session? Now that I think about, I guess it makes sense. Signed to Kitchenware Records and with tracks like 'The Devil Has All The Best Tunes', they always had that element of left fieldism to their music, but I first heard them on Radio 2 when Radio 2 was still, erm, Radio 2 . . . Jimmy Young, Pete Murray and a Pre-ironic Terry Wogan. Why the hell I was listening to Radio 2 at the age of 12 I have no idea, and why the hell 'Don't Sing' was put on the Radio 2 playlist leaves me puzzled - Paddy McAloon's musical reworking of Graham Greene's 'The Power and the Glory' - but whatever the case, it meant that I got into Prefab Sprout from the get go. PS - Loved to hear the 1985 Peel Session version of 'Cars and Girls'.
  • The Editors are now 2 for 2 in my book. Couple of years back they did a more than respectable cover version of REM's 'Orange Crush', and they've come up trumps again with their version of 'Bonny', from Prefab Sprout's sophomore album, Steve McQueen. If only the Editors would give up the songwriting lark, there's a decent pub covers band hiding inside them.
  • Lisa Stansfield singing 'When Love Comes Down' is more a curio than a recommendation. She recorded it for a 2005 album but it sounds incredibly dated. Sort of track that AVPS Phil usually recommends as his fav (old) track of the week on his blog. Must be the first time I've heard a Lisa Stansfield track in about 15 years. I preferred her on Razzamattaz.
  • Check out the blog. Twenty years from now there'll be a National Holiday on Paddy McAloon's birthday.


    Lisa Rullsenberg said...

    Awh, Cloud and I have a long-standing and abiding love for Paddy -- there's just something about the work of Prefab Sprout that never fails to touch me.

    "Let no neurotic impulse turn inward on itself
    Just say that you were happy, as happy would allow
    And tell yourself that that will have to do for now"

    "Look at you, unflawed.
    Now look at me, plain overawed"

    "But I could never work there,
    what a shame that I'm not clever.
    It's for men with horn rimmed glasses,
    and four distinguished A Level passes."

    Beautiful stuff and that's just a brief recollection...

    JC said...

    Thanks for finding Tin Can Pot. A truly astonishing piece of work....I'll be on it for hours in the next few days...and giving it a big mention on TVV

    Darren said...


    it deserves to be mentioned on your blog.

    There should be more music blogs out there with the same basic premise.

    I'd love to see one dedicated to Cathal Coughlan for starters.