Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Historical Place of the Socialist Party of Great Britain

What with me posting the last of the Hardy economics lectures yesterday, I've decided to also repost Steve Coleman's early eighties talk, 'The Historical Place of the SPGB'.

I'd previously posted the talk on the blog via ZShare but the links are long since dead and I much prefer using Mediafire anyway. The screen is less prone to freezing on you, and there's not as many annoying advertising pop-ups to deal with.

I can't be arsed to add much to the blurb that I'd previously provided about the talk, so I'd just recommend that you check out the talk. Save it and forward it on.

In all probability, I'll also repost the Socialist Thinkers series on Mediafire as well. You've been warned. Free up some space on your hard drive.

First Part

DOWNLOAD LINK: The Historical Place of the SPGB

FILE NAME: 01 Historical Place (Part 1).mp3

FILE SIZE: ~58.31 megabytes

LENGTH: 1:03:13

Second Part

DOWNLOAD LINK: The Historical Place of the SPGB

FILE NAME: 02 Historical Place (Part 2).mp3

FILE SIZE: ~51.39 megabytes

LENGTH: 55:42


Jools said...

Darren - why not get these (and the Hardy series) up on iTunes as a Podcast series? Wider audience and all that . . .

Darren said...


thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it.

Btw, a number of the Coleman talks that I've posted on the blog before have previously been posted as bit torrents by Rob and myself, so they've definitely already reached quite a wide audience.