Sunday, July 20, 2008

" . . .Seriously, kid. Enough with the visits to the electric beach.""

"Cheroin" . . . . "Polish your nipple jewelry?" . . . It's like Quentin Crisp reincarnated himself and said "THIS time, I'm not gonna get hung up on any masculinity issues!!" . . .

With quotes like that, it can only mean one thing: Project Runway is back for its fifth season and the ever brilliant Project Rungay blog is back with the best blog/tv show tie-in on the blogosphere.

I'm still entangled up in the second season of Shear Genius but episode 1 of Project Runway has already hooked me in.

Korto to win. Blayne to melt . . . and I'll go get my gaberdine mac.

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