Thursday, July 17, 2008

Glasgow East By-Election latest

Best Kept Secrets has just posted Easterhouse's 1986 debut album, Contenders, on their blog.

And yes the track, 'Lenin in Zurich', is as intriguing as its title suggests. The final track on the album, 'Johnny I Hardly Knew You', has Andy Perry doing his best Scott Walker impersonation.

Scott Walker in Easterhouse. How's that for a family in-joke?


hakmao said...

Ah yes, Manchester's most fervent Smmith's wannabes. Contenders - there's an album that makes you wish the chorus pedal had never been invented!

hakmao said...

... Roland Jazz-Chorus amplifier even (shudder).

Someone has been posting clips of the Manc Tankies on youtube recently:

Darren said...

Wasn't it suggested at one point that Ivor Perry be drafted in to replace Johnny Marr when the latter left the Smiths. It's so long since I read Rogan's 'Severed Alliance'.

Lyrical content aside, 'Get Back To Russia' has something to it. It was a bad time for music all round.