Friday, July 11, 2008

Finally realised after twenty years: Socialism is for mugs

Via Gian Maria's blog:


Will said...

"only sheep need leaders"


Primates e.g. -- Gorillas, Chimpanzees have and need leaders -- then you have got Hyenas and other assorted 'pack animals' like wolves and lions and shit like that. All have leaders.

PS. I'm not even sure that sheep have leaders. I think it may be an example of conformity arising from randomness -- or some shit like that.

Darren said...


Geordie literalist on our case.

Just saying like.

Will said...


*I* am just saying like.

nee offence like.

PS. never let the truth get in the way of a good soundbite.

Darren said...

I prefer 'the emancipation of the working class is the work of the working class itself' but they probably couldn't fit it on the mug.

Tried to find the origin of the slogan, 'Only Sheep Need Leaders' but google keeps leading me back to the mug.

It's become a legend in its own lunchtime.

Will said...

"Tried to find the origin of the slogan, 'Only Sheep Need Leaders'"

it's probably some tory vermin shit that the spgb have picked up on.

Just saying like.

Nee offence like.

Darren said...

"tory vermin shit"?

Not close. No cigar.

Probably a variation on an old cartoon by the German anarchist, John Olday. But that's me just spieling off for the sake of it.

Will said...

Talking of sheep -- get this on DVD and watch it

funny as fuck.

Just saying like.

Darren said...

I'll look out for it, but I'm not sure if it's my cup of tea or not ('only sheep needs leaders' mug or not).

We've still got the Persepolis dvd on top of the telly that's to be watched but I watched 'Slap Shot' again last night for the first time in years.

Brilliant film, despite it ostensibly being about Ice Hockey.

Will said...

Lice hockey -- that's a fillum I'd watch.

i am becoming weaker as the night progresses -- you will have to excuse me now.

Darren said...

If you have trouble sleeping, count sheep. I understand it helps.

ennen said...

For what it's worth, I believe leadership amongst sheep would best be described as an example of emergence.

Will said...

Yes -- I think Ennen is correct.

Will said...

Like shoals of fish and that.

Darren said...

This post (and its comments) have now officially been declared as mutton dressed as lamb.

And there was me thinking that the best thing about the post was the title. Does Olly Onions get this sort of grief?

I've taken the mug (that I don't have) off the shelf in the kitchen cupboard, smashed it into a hundred pieces (no I haven't), and posted the shards to One Man and His Dog's Phil Drabble. He's been dead for over a year but that doesn't really matter because I haven't really sent it.

Also sent a telegram to the comrades who produced the mug to tell them that they shouldn't produce a second batch of said mugs. Also tipped them off that they don't opt for 'From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs' as an alternate slogan for any new batch. You just know that there will just be somewhere out there who won't do according to their ability.

Did I already mention that I thought 'socialism is for mugs' was quite amusing?

Will said...

What did the SPGB think about WW11 Darren? Okay -- i can look it up on wikipedia -- but still -- I would like you to defend it nonetheless and shit like that.

What did they think about the sheep who gave support to Milosovich and his Serbian death squads?

When have the spgb ever intervened in anything at all to the benefit of mankind?

Just asking like.

nee offence like.

Darren said...

You've already looked it up on wikipedia, Will, so you already know the SPGB's position on WW!!? Are you now going to tell me that war broke out in 1939 as a war for democracy? As a war against anti-semitism?

"When have the spgb ever intervened in anything at all to the benefit of mankind?"

The SPGB is a small organisation arguing for class politics. It never set itself up as a vanguard to lead the workers. We'll leave that role for the intellectuals and the dialecticians.

With regards to Milosevic and the Death Squads, which sheep are you referring to?

I guess if blogs were around in the early nineties, we could have set up a group blog and posted links asking for intervention?

Could that have been our contribution to mankind? Just saying like.

Will said...

Nicely avoided all the difficult questions Darren.

I won't dignify the shit about 1939 with anything like a reply.

It is noted tho but.

Darren said...

What difficult questions, Will? You already know the position that the SPGB took in 1939. That's why you asked it. 'Okay -- i can look it up on wikipedia -- but still'.

It was a late night sneer.

The shit about '39? What was '39 all about then?

"It is noted tho but."

Thanks for that. You know what I noted? You know my name, address and what I look like. I know sod all about you. Interesting that.