Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friendlies, Flutes and Riordan's Dutch Auction

  • July 18th 2008 Southampton 0-2 Celtic
  • From the Herald match report:
    " . . . Tommy Kaland was afforded a late run-out for the home side after winning his place in an auction . . . "

    Could that be the solution to Riordan getting a game for Celtic?

    More over at Kerrydale Street.

  • July 19th 2008 Fulham 3-1 Celtic
  • According to the BBC, David Healy disappoints. I like him as well. I'd like him to do well in the EPL.
    101 Goals blog has the lowlights, and Kerrydale Street has more info on the game. Nice goal by Zamora.


    JC said...

    very surprised you've said nowt about the incredible goal scored in the Porto game....


    (there's no sound on the clip till near the end.....)

    Darren said...


    I saw the score but I've yet to see the goal. Cheers for the link.

    I've been too busy searching YouTube high and low, trying to find Riordan's goal against Donegal Celtic from last week's friendly. ;-)