Monday, September 24, 2007

Spot The Blogger

You can't even click on a random page on the internet these days without tripping over a political blogger. That bloke will end up in the House of Commons one day. And, if he must, hopefully before this bloke

In other UK blogging news, Dave O has been listed by the Daily Telegraph as the 93rd most influential lefty in Britain! That's 28 places lower than Claire Fox of the dodgy organisation formerly known as the Revolutionary Communist Party Institute of Ideas, but he does rank higher than Ken Loach, Tariq Ali, Germaine Greer and John Pilger, apparently.

You can gauge the semi-seriousness and the lack of political nous of the Young Tory Boy list compiler by his heavyweight labour movement analysis that states John McDonnell that (No.86), " . . . will be a big influence if Labour were to lose the next election", and by the fact that he has appeared to include the Green Party's Sian Berry and Caroline Lucas, primarily on the basis that he has a crush on them both.

Don't forget to also check out the comments generated by the list from your average Daily Telegraph reader. So that's where Guido gets his readership from.

1 comment:

Will said...

Spotted this as well Darren.

Fucking hell.

You forgot to mention Sunny fucking Hundal is in the list as well (above Osler)!

Think of the amount of 'networking' the media-whore tosspot must have done to get in tho' but.