Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gone to Siberia? Try Miami

David T. from Harry's Place is getting in a tizzy about the whereabouts of uber-SWP blogger, Lenny. Apparently he's gone missing.

Of course, he claims his concern is motivated by no more than a desire to know where Lenny will pitch his tent on the Galloway versus SWP dispute, but you know that it's more than that.

Dave T and co need Lenny as much as they need Benji in their comment box. They're a source of political comfort in an uncertain world. It's like a modern day blogging version of the The Jocks and the Geordies. A verbal scrap and a cyber-warrior scrimmage, and then home in time for tea.

Bugger the whereabouts of Lenny. In my alternative universe, he's suffered suffocation after disappearing up Zizek's arse once too often. The more pressing question is where's Harry? Oh, there's Harry.

PS - Look at the first comment on the Harry's Place thread. What did I say before? Google Alert is good, but Tim's 'Galloway Alert' is better.

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