Monday, September 17, 2007

GG Obsessives - Sitemeter Sighting

I get it; people don't like George Galloway, but typing in "george galloway" dundee labour club into the google search engine, and trawling all the way through to the eleventh page of the searches seems a tad obsessive for a Monday morning, IMHO

Not sure what they got out of this post, but haste ye back.


Will said...

404 page not found.

Darren said...


Question is: was it Tim, Dave T. or John Rees?

Memo to self - blog more about GG for more hits.

Duncan Money said...

I frequently get people who arrive on my blog after googling the letter 't'.

I have no idea how many pages you have to click through before the results bring up my site and I had no idea some people had that much time on their hands.