Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Socialist Website

Bookmarks at the ready.

Kudos to Morgan M. (and his mate FN Brill) for the spade work in putting together the new website for the World Socialist Party of the United States. Now you have all those impossibilist hyperlinks at your fingertips.

It looks like a nice blend of contemporary articles alongside reprints of material from the long history of the *cough* World Socialists* in North America.

Articles that caught my eye on the 'is it a website or is it a blog?' include:

  • How Money Downed the Minneapolis Bridge
  • The Ballot Over The Bullet
  • The Wildcat Strike (from The Western Socialist, July-August, 1953)
  • Paul Mattick's review of Hayek's 'Road To Serfdom' (from The Western Socialist, September 1946)
  • Interview With a WSPUS Union Organizer
  • Who will do the dirty work? We all will!
  • I have to make a special mention of the innovation - for the WSM, that is - of including mp3s on the website. Of course, front and centre is the 'heavy stuff'; SPGB talks on 'War' and 'Israel, Intifada and Peace' (plus an interesting recording from 68/69, where the late Socialist Party of Canada member, Bill Pritchard, recounts the foundation of the One Big Union in 1919), but I also like the decision to include 'light stuff' such as the following mp3s:

  • The Fugs', 'Kill For Peace'
  • Chumbawamba's, 'That’s How Grateful We Are'
  • Groucho Marx's, 'I'm Against It'
  • Fatima Mansions, 'Shiny Happy People'
  • No doubt this FN Brill bloke was influenced by the classic 2003 SPGB Mix compilation CD, 'The Secret Melody of the Class Struggle',** that was specially produced for the SPGB stall at Glastonbury that year.

    *The *cough* is in place 'cos I think the term 'World Socialists' is a bit naff.

    **Original working title for the political pop music compilation CD was 'The Best Impossibilist Album in the World...Ever!'


    ajohnstone said...

    off topic but has anyone mentioned this :-

    John Reid is expected to become chairman of Celtic Football Club.

    Darren said...


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    Darren said...



    Only the other day, my English Professor was complimenting me on my really good written essays.

    Thank you. Now, where I did send you the check for $25,000?

    John said...

    Ever the pedant, may I point out that the band's name is Chumbawamba.

    Darren said...

    Duly noted that you are a pedant.