Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keep From Trucking

Via the Pretending Life Is Like a Song music blog - and for completists only - comes Prefab Sprout's "Faron Young (Trucking Mix)"

Take the opening track from one of the best albums of the mid-eighties, and smother it with a meaningless tinny remix, and you have all that was harrowing about pop music in the dark ages of 84-89 (save a few exceptions that I can't be arsed to list here).

I don't blame the record company; Paddy McAloon has to take the occasional brickbat alongside the fulsome plaudits. I lost count of the number of times that Prefab Sprout and the record company remixed and re-released "When Loves Breaks Down" before it finally crept into the top forty via an appearance on the Wogan Show. Paddy Mac knew what he was doing, and it was simply the opening chapter of him selling his musical soul before going that final stretch and passing songs onto Jimmy Nail.

You know the drill: download the mp3 within the next ten minutes, otherwise you'll lose out.

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