Sunday, September 09, 2007

MIA New Releases

Sorry Richard, not that MIA.

Mike S in Japan has been doing excellent work in updating the SPGB archive at the Marxist Internet Archive. Since the last time I looked, the writer sections for both Jack Fitzgerald and Edgar Hardcastle have expanded considerably. Posted below are a few of the newly uploaded articles that caught the eye.

Jack Fitzgerald:

  • Review of Eduard Bernstein’s Evolutionary Socialism (1909)
  • Review of William Paul's The State: Its Origin and Function (1918)
  • The Revolution in Russia: Where It Fails (1918)
  • The Passing of Lenin (1924)
  • Review of Kautsky’s Foundations of Christianity (1925)
  • Edgar Hardcastle:

  • Trotsky States His Case (1928)
  • The Nationalisation of the Railways (1947)
  • Inquest on Keynes (1968)
  • The End of "Full Employment" (1971)
  • Was Marx a Monetarist? (1983)
  • Hopefully other authors from the 'impossibilist tradition' will be added in the fullness of time.

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