Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Don't want to live in an Adidas world with the Adidas boys and the Adidas girls."

Is it the first of April?

"I suffered from a condition known as obsessive branding disorder - a combination of compulsive shopping and a reliance on status symbol brands for the maintenance of one's self esteem."

Nah, just turns out that he's got a book to sell.

Liked this knowing quote from an interview that Boorman did with the Press Gazette from a while back:

"Ultimately it's impossible to abandon brands altogether, says Boorman.
'The final twist in the book, if the book is a success, is it doesn't matter how many brands I get rid of, one new brand is created — and that's Neil Boorman, the anti-brand bloke.'"
[Quote found here.]

Perhaps the quote is too knowing.

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