Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dog Tired Afternoon

As New Year's Resolutions go, lasting out until nearly the end of May is pretty impressive but, after one hundred and forty eight films, I have to hold my hands up to the fact that, due to a combination of extreme tiredness and more extreme tiredness, May 28th is marked down as the first day in 2010 that I didn't watch a new film as part of my '365Watch'.

I'm especially disappointed because I'd already decided to temporarily suspend 365Watch for the duration of the World Cup. Only fourteen days shy of an honorable suspension of the resolution.

Gutted . . . .sick as a parrot . . . more morose than a Red House Painters album track. The cliches come fast and furious. And all the more galling to last so long when I've had to suffer through garbage such as this, this and especially this.

Rather than knocking 365Watch on the head after lasting so long, I think I'll carry on with my original plan: try and watch as many films as possible during the course of the year - maybe doubling up one day with two films to make up for the aberration that was May 28th - and welcome the temporary suspension of the film a day for the duration of the World Cup.

What else am I going to do . . . write actual blog posts?

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