Friday, May 07, 2010

Just in: SPGB result in Vauxhall

To my shame I haven't really been covering the election on the blog. I can't make excuses about being 4000 miles away. I've been looking in. I just haven't got my political mojo at the moment.

I should, however, mention the SPGB result in Vauxhall. (Click on the pic below to enlarge.)

It's the usual sort of vote for the SPGB that reflects the level of socialist support in any part of the world. Genuinely surprised - and pleased - that they beat Trotskyist candidate. (Yep, I'm that shallow).

I actually thought that Workers Power's shopping list of demands would have garnered more votes than the SPGB at the election. Just goes to show that sectarianism wins out every time. All those Tankies, Swoppies, Millies and Perm Revs in Vauxhall, and they couldn't bring themselves to vote for the vanguardist candidate on their doorstep . . .with the petition and the paper.

The rejects from the Second International 1 The Fifth International 0.

. . .Oh, and the Labour candidate, Kate Hoey, got 21,000 more votes than us both combined. But that's just a minor point.


stuart said...

I admit I punched the air in victory, as if we'd won the general election, when I saw we'd beat the Trot. That victory may be soured a bit by reflecting on the fact that Jesus beat us both, but still, shows the undoubted efficacy of "preaching" and of the maximum programme (heaven on earth) over impossible transitional demands.

Darren said...

I'm still surprised by the result.

I thought the Workers Power candidate was going to a score a vote three times as big as the SPGB vote.

Pleasantly proven wrong.

PS - Of course the Jesus candidate outpolled us. Don't you remember how many churches there were in the area?

stuart said...

No, the only churches I noticed were the ones converted into Weatherspoons!

Darren said...

God, I miss Weatherspoons pubs.

I'd definitely drink more if there was a Weatherspoons in Brooklyn.

stuart said...

No music, cheap, decent beer, always get a seat, unpretentious, working-class boozers and alcoholics... It gets my vote!

stuart said...

Oh, decent food too. What's not to like?

Darren said...

Oh, decent greasy food too. What's not to like?

I corrected it for you.

Nice to see we've put the psephology to one side, and are now concentrating on our stomachs.

stuart said...

Well, an army marches on its stomach, and we have the next election to prepare for! And of course some sorrows to drown now that the Tories are the largest party.

Darren said...

Watching the election coverage reminded me once again how tribal I am in my gut politics.

For all the clause 7 of the D of P is imprinted on my brain, I still fucking hate the Tories more than all the rest of them put together.

Excuse my emotional spasm. ;-)

stuart said...

That's the feeling in this house too. We're cheering on a Lib/Lab coalition as the least-worst option.

Darren said...

*cough* I wouldn't go that far.

stuart said...

I know, but I'm just thinking about the looks on the faces of the smug Tory bastards in the office Monday morning. It's got to be worth wiping that off the face of the earth!

mikeovswinton said...

Weatherspoons. The Manchester veggies meet in one. Hmmm. I often see people trying to get into it for a drink when it opnes. At 9.00am.

Being from a traditional Labour Party home I don't have your SPGB scruples about the election, so there is some disinterest in the next comment; aren't the smug Tories going to have very pained expressions on their faces if there is the Whig/Tory Alliance that is threatened (and supported -if I was able to understand his tortuous prose - by Nick Cohen)? I think it would simply show; First Tory lie of the new Government - Vote Clegg , Get Brown.