Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dick (1999)


mikeovswinton said...

Was this as good as the wikipedia entry makes it sound? I'm slightly impressed by the fact that a film that I'd never heard of made a net $10,000,000. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I did tend to think that most films lost money. But then again I went to see the Mel Brooks version of The producers about 4 or 5 times back in the day.

mikeovswinton said...

Come on Darren - how many thumbs up? I'm looking to possibly get this one. Robin and Marian was a cracker. Interestingly, some suggest it [R&M] is a reflection on the failure of the 'politics of '68'. Interesting way to look at it I think.

Darren said...

Hi Mike,

Sorry for not replying sooner. I've been a bit spaced - both watching the comedy series and being out of sorts with the blog.


I love the premise of the film and it's a very agreeable cast but sadly it fell short. The script wasn't sharp enough and as much good will as I tried to give it, there was only a couple of laughs in what was supposed to be comedy.

If I was being cheeky, I'd suggest that the makers were so pleased with themselves in coming up with the idea of the film, that they didn't take time out to flesh it out properly.

It was my second Will Ferrell film in three days and Step Brothers was a lot funnier. (Granted, that was due to John C Reilly.)

A thumbs down from Brooklyn.

Btw, is your relative still adamant that they don't want Blackpool to achieve promotion? They must be wavering by now.

Nice to see that I called the final.

mikeovswinton said...

I haven't jinxed him by texting. My sister's comment on the prospect of the Tangerines in the Prem was "Good; Keith can come over for lunch. We can go to his. And we get 6 points." I hate to say it, but I have the awful feeling they will be up. Listen, say what you will about being their with the big boys etc. I remember losing a game 5-1 at home to Coventry in 97/8. We were drawing 1-1 at half time, thought we were going to win it. You did not want to be in that car going home, believe me.
PS Howsabout a "Thumbs" system on the blog with the film jpegs?