Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Damn, I'd forgotten how good this song was.

From one of the best albums of the eighties, Colourbox's 'The Moon Is Blue':

Whatever happened to Lorita Grahame and the Young brothers?

Where's the Facebook campaign to make Colourbox's 'Official Colourbox World Cup Theme' the number 1 single during the World Cup? And throw in their cover of 'Baby I Love You So' as the Xmas number 1 whilst you're at it.


robert said...

Great track, cheers!
And it took me all week to work out that I've got a track by Colourbox - 'Hot Doggie', on the 4AD compilation 'Lonely is an Eyesore'.

Darren said...

I can't believe you don't have Pump Up The Volume somewhere on a compilation.

robert said...

Oh dear; until your posting of this video I had no idea that Colourbox and MARRS were linked ...
Truly, I've been found out.
(And no, I don't have 'Pump up the Volume' anywhere ...)
Ah, the shame.