Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who's That Girl (1987)


Darren said...

Kill me. Kill me now, please.

mikeovswinton said...

You picked films with Madonna and Slade in? Death would be too easy, surely. Watch 'em again.

mikeovswinton said...

Only joking! If I was really cruel I'd suggest you watch that David Essex thing from 1973 (I think). was it called Stardust or something like that? And was Ringo Starr in it or am I suffering from Weird Imagined Memory Syndrome? (PS If WIMS doesn't yet feature in that list the APA put out, I hereby annouce that I have invented it, and any psychologist using it can pay me.)

mikeovswinton said...

Good ol' Wikipedia. Stardust was the 74 follow up - it was "That'll be the day" in 73 and Ringo Starr was in it. Keith Moon was in both. Larry Hagman was in Stardust! So, that means that reality is actually weirder than I remember it being. (Mind you, its not as weird as the idea of Slade being in a film. Or that Madonna can sing.)

Darren said...

The Slade film wasn't too bad. If anything, it was a bit of a lost opportunity. The storyline seemed a bit too compressed. The film should have been 30 minutes longer.

I read somewhere that in making the film they actually derailed their careers. Not because of any adverse reaction to the film itself, but because they took themselves out of the public eye whilst making the film and found that the fickle world of pop had moved on a bit in their absence.

That Madonna film was utter garbage. It doesn't even have any kitsch value. It has to be said, however, that it wasn't even the worse film I've seen this month. Go figure.

The David Essex films? I remember them as rather good. Granted, I was very young when I saw them on tv but I thought they measured up well at the time.

Sadly, as I've already seen both of them I can't include them in my '365Watch'.