Friday, September 18, 2009

College Dropout calls out Chairman Bob

Brilliant. Genuine laugh out loud moment on a Friday morning.

Kanye West has a wee alcohol induced outburst at the MTV video awards last Sunday and five days later it's this year's YouTube downfall video.

And you know it has hit critical mass when Chairman Bob Avakian is on the photoshopped end of Kanye's diss. Now, I'm off over to YouTube to find that old clip of Kanye with Mike Myers where he says live on air, "Bob Avakian doesn't care about working class people."

Hat tip to someone over at F/B. More on Chairman Bob here and here.

Oh, and the old photographic evidence that Kanye dismissal of Bob is nothing more than the ultra-left sectarian sniping of a petit-bourgeois anarchist.

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