Thursday, September 03, 2009

'If you and your wife . . . '

As requested, more whimsy on the blog.

Glenn Beck does a passable impersonation of about a dozen Onion News Network spoof pieces, whereby he 'reveals' the longstanding (not so) hidden alliance between Communists, Fascists and the Progressive elite in the United States - as personified by the late John D. Rockefeller, Jr - and all taking place under our very noses in New York City itself.

Throw in the conspiracy theory of totalitarian art as propaganda in midtown Manhattan; the conspiracy theory of Obama indoctrinating your kids next week via satellite; Jack the sound engineer who was subliminally indoctrinated for 29 years by NBC architecture until Glenn tore the wool from his eyes and the sound cans from his ears; and the conspiracy theory of Van Jones and his ever powerful communist machinations and that's so many conspiracy theories in a nine minute segment that I'm scrambling for time to crowbar in the obligatory throwaway reference to Howard Beale when mentioning Glenn Beck on the blog.

Enjoy. There's more out there from Glenn on YouTube. It's all in plain sight if your eyes are wide open enough.


hakmao said...

'completely unrelated'

Of course it is you dimwit. Now go on, cry!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

*Must* *stop* *Banging* *Head* *on* *desk*

My brain hurts. Can the nasty man go away please?

Will said...