Monday, September 21, 2009

Hugh Laurie is not our precedent

The sixth season of House starts tonight on Fox and I'm glad to note from the photograph below that's it's not just me who is all fatigued out by its formulaic storylines and the cardboard curmudgeonry of Dr Gregory House, as played by Old Etonian, Hugh Laurie. (FFS, Old Etonians, wherever I look they're popping up everywhere. If they didn't already lay claim to it, I'd argue they're taking over the world.)

Quick tip. If you seen 12 consecutive episodes of House on a USA channel marathon, you've seen them all. However, if the syndication rights throws a few quid Liz Fraser way for Teardrop, and it stops Laurie teaming up again with Smug Fry for retreads of their comedy sketches from the last century, then I guess it's a small price to pay.

OK, I''m lying. Not about the mediocrity of House, mind, but about the pic above. It's from a collection brought to you by

The American far right in all their glory, and they're as mad as hell because Bubba forgot to pack the dictionary again.


stuart said...

Saw one episode, it was balls. Deadwood, on the other hand, now there's a great TV show...

Darren said...


Saw one episode. Thought it was mildly diverting. Annoyed Kara by mentioning for the 1007th time that Hugh Laurie went to Eton.

Fast forward a few months. A tv is on in Indiana and a House marathon is on one of the cable channels. Dawning realisation that every bastard episode follows the same bastard plot pattern.

Fast forward another six months and I decided to mention this in passing in a feeble attempt at humour in a post on far right nutcakes in the USA.


On my to watch list. I'll check it out once I've watched The Wire, Heimat and Family at War.

I'll get back to you with my opinion on it around about 3:15pm, 2014.