Friday, April 06, 2007

Take Me To Your Leader

Sorry for returning to the site of this particular political traffic accident, but I can't take my petit bourgeois menshevite eyes off such choice quotes as:

"There is no other leader like Chairman Avakian out there. There is nothing like the body of work he’s produced, the ideas he's brought forward, and his way of going at understanding and changing the world. This is the real thing— for people to dig into, and to apply to making revolutionary change. But there are still far, far too few people who have even had a chance to hear and learn what Bob Avakian is all about and to get into his ideas and thinking. We aim to make a giant stride, in the next few weeks, in changing all that . . .

Think about teachers, clergy, and others who are positioned to get this paper out to many, many others. Then talk to them. Make an appointment to come back and talk to their classes and congregations when the special issue comes out.

Think about the stores, gyms, theaters, libraries, barber shops, galleries, laundromats, and beauty parlors that can carry scores and hundreds of these broadsheets. Then go to them, sell them a video, and set up to get them materials.

Think about key areas where people need to hear about this leader and get into his vision. Then make plans and preparations accordingly."

In the words of JC, there's more:

"There has never been a leader like Bob Avakian in this country. Never one who has so consistently and so deeply confronted and grappled with the deepest questions before people…and never one who fought so hard and so systematically to involve the people themselves in that grappling. Beyond that, this leader belongs in a deep and real way to the people of the world: at a time when the “science of revolution” demands a leap in its understanding in a number of crucial realms, he has stepped forward to fill that great need. The contributions that we have outlined here are essential to the further and future advance of the revolutionary cause and communist project; they are a treasure for humanity.

Extraordinary leaders like Bob Avakian are rare; they are precious to the advance of humanity; they must be cherished and defended. The American system has an extremely ugly history of repression, frame-up, and even assassination in this regard, and they have a doctrine to go with that history. That poses a serious and acute challenge to anyone who cares about fundamental social change. We cannot allow a situation where the oppressors have a sharper understanding of what Bob Avakian represents than the people who hunger for a different, better world! Again, this voice must be heard and this person defended.

I know. I've whetted your r-r-r-revolutionary appetite, and now you're desperately scanning the post for the golden link that will usher you into so much more of this outpouring of love for the bearded one who has been sent to save us all.

You want to immerse yourself in the political genius that is our dear leader Chairman Bob Avakian, but you don't have enough dirty washing in the laundry basket to give you the excuse to go to the laundromat to pick up the special Bob Avakian issue of Revolution.

Threat Fret no more. It's not here, child. Cast your eyes away from the bile and spite of the unbeliever. Here is the social, spirtual and political link that you have been looking for all your life.

Hat tip to one of Chairman Bob's disciples on Leftist Trainspotters.

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John said...

Thanks, Darren. This is clearly the saviour we've all been waiting for. And he's arrived at Easter, too. Clearly no coincidence.