Sunday, September 27, 2009

McCourt goes marching straight through the Saints

It looks like McCourt's goal against Falkirk in the cup midweek was no fluke.

The commentator may be right about St Mirren's "powder puff defending" but it was no more weak or ineffectual than the Brazilians against John Barnes all those years ago in the Maracana or the Belgium defence falling like ninepins against Al Owairan at the 1994 World Cup. It's just a case of the stage being a wee bit on the smaller scale.

It's Rapid Vienna on Thursday and R*ngers at Ibrox next Sunday in the lunchtime kick off.

On that sort of form displayed by McCourt, Mowbray has to give him his chance in at least one of the games. The obvious would be against Rapid Vienna at Parkhead but it'd be a nice surprise if Mowbray went all out and employed him on the Sunday at Ibrox. The game will be the usual fast and the bloody furious, so someone with McCourt's guile and skill can only prosper in such an environment with the headless chickens in the blue jerseys running around in circles hacking away at all and sundry. The freekicks he'd win in and around the box would set up Maloney perfectly for the perfect away smash and grab.

Watch this blog as I eat my words next Sunday afternoon.

From me trying to convince myself we have a future Celtic legend in the making to footage of the Celtic legend of the last twenty years still doing the business at the age of 38 for Helsingborgs IF against AIK Stockholm a couple of days ago.

The bloke's still got it in abundance. That abundance should still be on display at Parkhead.

Hat tip to 101 Goals website for both clips. It's the first place to go to on the net if you want 45 second clips of Chilean football with Cantonese commentary.

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