Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Factory (2004)


Anonymous said...

Deliberate typo in this post as well surely? Could have sworn it was spelt 'Footbawll Factowy'.

Not a patch on 'Green Street 2' mind.

Darren said...

Are you recommending Green Street 2 or are you just being sarcastic?
I have a special interest in the matter as it's available on netflix instant.

ps - never knew until I wiki'ed FF, but it turns out that the author of the novel Football Factory, John King, was an No2EU supporter at the recent Euro-elections.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt one of the worst films I've ever seen, and for that reason I'd recommend it. When I first saw the trailer I thought it was a piss-take.

The inspired premise of the film is that some of the mob from the original film, only one actor from the first one is in it - can't imagine why Elijah Wood turned it down, have ended up in prison. However, due to over-crowding they decide to release some prisoners early and make their decision about who to let out, Millwall or West Ham hooligans, on the basis of who wins a football match the prisoners play.

John King, was an No2EU supporter at the recent Euro-elections.

One for the trainspotters list?

Darren said...

It does sound deliciously bad. So bad that I'm astounded to not see Vinnie Jones staring back at me on the film poster.

I may pencil it in for September 5th, 2010, for the annual bad/bad film night. However, temptation might get the better of me and I might take a sneak preview before then,