Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The taste challenge

Once upon a time I banged a lonely drum for The Low Miffs, but it's nice to see that other people on the blogosphere have since turned up with their drumsticks to make some noise.

JC over at The Vinyl Villain brings news that the Low Miffs have just recently released their debut album and he's so in love with it that he's broken with blog tradition and mentioned a record released this millennium. (Only half- joking.)

Check out the video at the bottom of JC's post for a flavour of their music. Of course, it's fitting that they're recording with Malcolm Ross of Josef K and Orange Juice fame. The old Sound of Young Scotland spawned many a kid and some, in turn, have picked up instruments.

Also check The Low Miffs MySpace page for info on the album, a forthcoming tour and a comment from the Socialist Standard MySpace page that dates from April 21st 2006. The comment is gushing over one their older songs, 'Also Sprach Shareholder' . It's the song that first got me into them and I've been looking out for them ever since.

One word of warning, though; the lead singer, Leo Condie, is, how can I put this?, a lot like marmite. I happen to like marmite. Some people don't. More fool them.


Leo said...

I have no Marmitesque properties my good man

Darren said...

I like marmite, so please take it as a compliment.

All musicians, writers, film types and footballers should have that marmitesque quality. It makes spectating all the more interesting.