Thursday, September 24, 2009

Touring down the middle of the park

Nearly a year to the day after this minor post, it's nice to see McCourt score this gem (46 seconds into the clip) for Celtic against Falkirk last night in the cup:

Btw, it's worthwhile checking out that Mail article linked to in the older post.

Not just because of the pleasing possibility of a 'might have been will soon become' aspect to the story but because it's mentioned in passing that West Brom, then managed by Tony Mowbray, were poised to sign him before he joined Celtic and Peter Grant is quoted all over the piece as someone who really rated McCourt.

Grant's now First Team coach at Celtic.

It looks like McCourt will got a decent chance of getting *cough* a chance in the first team, and that's not something that could always be said for squad players under Strachan's regime.

PS - With regards to that YouTube clip, what's with the included snippet of Grant at the post-match press conference talking about the seriousness of McGeady's injury? Out of sync or just dubbed? Are people from Bellshill really that difficult to comprehend. I guess it could explain Sheena Easton's mid-atlantic monstrosity of an accent.

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