Monday, January 07, 2008

The way they woz

Cracking post over at Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop music blog.

Shout-a-long tunes, canny pictures and musings that prompts a few thoughts:

  • How come 9/10 black and white photographs depicting kids from Britain of yesteryear make me think of Oscar Marzaroli? Doesn't matter if its 1967 or 1977, Thamesmead or Toryglen, I think of his wonderful black and white prints and I have to resist the urge to listen to a Deacon Blue album.
  • Reminds me once again that I have a hankering to see Stephen Frears's 'Bloody Kids' but I've got more chance of finding a copy of Alan Bleasdale's 'Scully and Mooey' at a stoop sale in Greenpoint. (i.e No bastard chance.)
  • Makes me think of Ian Walker and the New Society's 'The Other Side of Britain'. But then again, the current primaries in New Hampshire make me think of that book. It's on my mind 12/7.
  • The number 333 and the 1979 Panini sticker album. Barry Daines, you broke my heart.
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