Friday, January 11, 2008

They Blog, So I Don't Have To #2

Mixing Footie and Lists

Midfield Dynamo is the new addition to the footie blogroll. With its mixture of the humorous and the off-kilter it's nearest we'll ever get to a half-decent When Saturday Comes website. (Yeah, I know that WSC has a website, but it's a bit tight-fisted with the material it makes available to the reader.)

A few lists to give you a flavour of MD:

  • The Top 10 Car Crash Interviews in Football Check out the Walter Smith interview. *shudder*
  • Books All Football Fans Should Read Before They Die What no 'Soccer Syndrome' by John Moynihan? *bollocks*
  • 10 Classic Cloughie Quotes Cloughie, the Musical? Only if Luke Haines does the honours.
  • Cult Clubs: St Pauli What was the name of their goalie who went to Nicaragua in the 80s?
  • Top 10 Teams Who Didn't Win the World Cup Hungary was robbed.
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