Friday, January 04, 2008

Manchester, So Much To Answer To

Found via the SPGB discussion list, Manchester Branch's mini-quiz for the end of 2007:

  • 1. ‘Rise like Lions after slumber/ In unvanquishable number —/ Shake your chains to earth like dew/ Which in sleep had fallen on you —/ Ye are many —they are few.’ Which poet, which poem?
  • 2. When was Bolton Branch founded?
  • 3. Who wrote 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda'?
  • 4. In which city was Jim Finnie for many years the Party contact?
  • 5. What was Shengwulian?
  • 6. Where is Edgeley Lane?
  • 7. What does OBU stand for?
  • 8. When did Jack Fitzgerald die?
  • 9. Who was Samuel Bamford?
  • I'll post the answers in the comment box when I get the answers myself.

    1 comment:

    timesnewroman said...

    3 is definitely Eric Bogle, a Scots Australian Folk singer.