Saturday, January 05, 2008

Republocrat Chic

Kerry Washington with Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and his wife, Elizabeth, at Susina Bakery in Los Angeles. Zac Posen knit jacket, $2,200, linen-and-silk blouse, $850, silk skirt, $1,500. At Bergdorf Goodman. Yves Saint Laurent vintage belt.

Morphing into a fashion blog?

Rebel chic has had its fifteen second airtime on the blog so, for balance purposes, it's only fair that I link to this weekend's New York Times Magazine fashion spread featuring Kerry Washington meeting (some of) the Presidential candidates.

To flesh out the *cough* “guerrilla artistry”, click on the link.

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Gorgeous Black Women said...

I believe she met with all who were available. She's an Obama supporter.