Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bloggers Block + Six Web Pages of Separation = Random Recommended Links

Following on from Shiraz Socialist's Jim D recent admission of his love for the good/bad film, Galaxy Quest, I thought I'd point you in the direction of a blog post about Walter Hill's 1984 musical mishap, 'Streets of Fire'.

Nope I can't remember it either, but coming on the back of the brilliant 'Warriors' and the underrated '48 Hours', it was Walter Hill's 'John Squire Moment' . . . the cinematic equivalent of the Stone Roses second album and subsequent risible recordings with The Seahorses all rolled into one.

To come crashing down in such a magisterial fashion brings 'losing the creative plot' to a whole new level, but nine times out of ten will eventually result in blog posts 20 odd years after the fact where budding Roger Eberts' will make the case for the film's rehabilitation. Early nineties through the night tv has a lot to answer for.

'Streets of Fire' is not to be confused with that other musical mishap of the 1980s, 'Hearts of Fire'. The latter film falls into the bad/bad film category, and also provides the explanation for why Bob Dylan failed as many as six auditions for a role in Todd Haynes's latest film, 'I'm Not There'.

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