Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise extols the virtues of scientology

*UPDATE* - YouTube have pulled the video, but you can see a longer version of the clip over at Gawker.

Apparently, the Church of Scientology aren't too pleased that this clip is doing the rounds on YouTube. I can't say that I can blame them. Cruise comes off as creepier version of his character in Magnolia.

The American Maoists must be kicking themselves that the scientologists got their claws into Cruise before they could. The bloke is in need of a cult.

Hat tip to Harry's Place. And hat tip to HP commentator, DavidMWW, for the info that "KSW = Keeping Scientology Working" and that an "SP" is "Suppressive Person - what you are declared to be if you don't follow KSW." You couldn't make this shit up.

Sorry, a typo. I meant to write: L. Ron Hubbard made this shit up.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad Tom doesn't believe in psychiatry, because he needs it.
Seroiusly though you better take this post down before you get sued.