Sunday, January 27, 2008

Man City: the SPGB of the FA Cup?

"Balloons not to blame - Eriksson"

Sven takes defeat with good grace, despite the fact that it was the balloons behind Joe Hart's goal that contributed to Sheffield United's first goal.

Who'd be a Man City supporter? Who'd have a Man City fan as a supporter? Not to say that they bring misfortune on themselves, but they are the sort of fans who would fall into a barrel of lollipops and come up sucking up to a prick.


Darren said...

Who am I kidding. The SPGB in the fourth round of the cup?

John: said...

Perish the thought. I remember Lancaster Branch once challenging the local anarchists to a game of football and getting well and truly thrashed - the final score being akin to the kind you see in the Guinness Book of Records :-)

Darren said...

Lancaster Branch playing football? I have to have a lie down before I try and get my head around that mental image.

I bet Glasgow Branch would have put out a tasty team in their day. Laced up footballs, ash pitches, no floodlights and a game every other week against Third Lanark reserves.