Friday, January 25, 2008

Looks Like The Posadists* Have Landed On Planet MySpace

*Posadist who? I thought this was a wannabe music blog?" Let an old article from the Fortean Times bring you up to speed on what I'm wittering about.


Will said...

For fuck's sake-- not that Fortean Times piece on the Posadists again!

About a million time already!

Darren said...

It appears you keep closer tabs on this blog than I do.

I'll try better next time, but in my defence . . . it was a footnote.

Will said...


Darren said...

bullshit on:

1) My defence?
2) Doing better next time?
3) You remembering past posts on this blog better than me?
4) All of the above?

Darren said...

PS - Just did a search on the blog.

Unless the blog's bullshitting, it's only the second time that I've liked to the Posadist piece.

The previous occasion was February 26, 2005.

Reidski said...

That Will sounds a bit Kevin & Perry to me. "It's like so a million times I've heard that" means twice in sullen teenage language.
In other words, a right miserable cunt!

Darren said...


Will's a good bloke. He was just commenting after celebrating Burns Night.